Signage appears for Book Culture at 26-09 Jackson Avenue

Signage has appeared for Book Culture, which will be coming fall of 2017 to 26-09 Jackson Avenue. The book retailer has three locations in Manhattan’s Upper West Side, and will open in a building that is owned by Rockrose. The New York Times was the first to report the leasing of the space.1

Recently, scaffolding was removed from above the space as the nearby mixed-use building, Hayden, has opened to residents. Scaffolding on the space had been up since mid-2015.2

Here’s more about Book Culture from its website:3

At Book Culture, we know that reading enriches lives, families, and communities. To us, books and publishing are cultural treasures to be kept in trust by those that recognize the value that they hold. To ensure a vibrant and diverse future for books and publishing, a multitude of independent bookstores – each selecting titles based on their own tastes and interests, and those of their local customers, is essential.

26-09 Jackson Avenue

Signage has appeared for Book Culture at 26-09 Jackson Avenue

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