23-15 44th Drive begins to rise

The last time we stopped by 23-15 44th Drive was in May, when foundation work was underway.1 The project is beginning to rise, with rebar rising from the ground of the future mammoth 78-story, 702-unit mixed-use tower, as seen in the photo below. The project is supposed to deliver in the fourth quarter of 2021.

New York YIMBY was the first to unearth the renderings, and also has more details on the project:2

In September, the FAA concluded that the project could rise 752 feet above street level, and the latest renderings appear to be consistent with that height limit. The latest new building applications, which have not yet been amended to reflect the height reduction, describe a 78-story, 702-unit mixed-use tower that would measure 999,664 square feet.

23-15 44th Drive

A view of 23-15 44th Drive

23-15 44th Drive

Rendering for 23-15 44th Drive


Foundation work underway at 21-18 44th Drive

We last checked in on 21-16 44th Drive a/k/a 21-18 44th Drive back in June when we saw that excavation was underway.1 When we stopped by last week, we noted that foundation work has started on site, as seen in the photo below. The project is an eight story-mixed used hotel build, with 19,989 square feet of commercial space and 19,799 square feet of residential space for a FAR of 3.98.

The project was approved on April 12, 2018, so expect construction to begin soon. The occupancy classification on the permit calls for “HOTELS, DORMITORIES” and there will be 29 dwelling units.2 The permit still has the same contact information as one previously filed associating the project with Amsterdam Hospitality.34

21-18 44th Drive

A look at 21-18 44th Drive

21-18 44th Drive

Rendering for 21-18 44th Drive


Facade work underway for Corte at 21-30 44th Drive

In August, we checked in at 21-30 44th Drive when apartments first started coming to market.1 When we stopped by last week, we saw that facade work is underway, as seen in the photo below. Modern Spaces has the project, and recently launched their website for the building.2 There are listings for studios through 2 bedrooms with prices starting from $560,000 and going up to $1.51 million.

The permit calls for 85 units with 99,980 square feet of residential space and a FAR of 4.00.3 Signage calls for a July, 2019 delivery.

Here’s a description from the website:

CORTE represents the next step in the remarkable evolution of Long Island City. Located on 44th Drive, the building offers a modern aesthetic with precise, yet warm finishes. Every aspect of the building is composed to make urban living more simple, sophisticated, and inspiring.

21-30 44th Drive

Facade work is underway at 21-30 44th Drive

21-30 44th Drive

Rendering for 21-30 44th Drive. Photo Credit: CRAFT.


108th Precinct Breast Cancer Awareness Event (9/30)

Please join the 108th Precinct on Sunday, September 30th from 11am-5pm for their Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser at Hunters Point South Park. The NYPD will be providing a DJ, dunk tank and rock wall along with bounce houses, clowns, face painting, pony rides and a magician. Additionally, the local Girl Scouts troops and NYPD Explorers will be on hand to help out with the event. All proceeds from the event will go to benefit the American Cancer Society and Shareing and Careing.

For more information, please contact Officer Tiffany Makely at tiffany.makely[at]nypd.org or 516-547-6667.


Louie Gasparro on Don1, the King from Queens and Kolorstorm

Book Culture LIC
09/14/2018 – 7:00pm

Join us at Book Culture LIC as Louie Gasparro discusses his art books Don1, the King from Queens: Life and Photos of a NYC Transit Graffiti Master and Kolorstorm: The Art of Louie “Kr.One” Gasparro on Friday, September 14th at 7pm!

Don1: Among the famous graffiti artists from New York City’s 1970s subway era was an unassuming talent from the unassuming borough of Queens. The Italian-American rock and roller who wrote DON 1 MAFIA blasted onto the scene like a meteorite out of nowhere. His influence on this art form transcended the inner city and he became a legend and a household name. But his descent from the top of this name game, a result of the hedonistic lifestyle of New York City at the time, was just as swift, and for years DON1 has lived in obscurity. Fortunately, as a photographer studying at the prestigious school of Art and Design, DON1 documented his iconic work, along with that of his well known contemporaries, using his trusted 35mm camera. This penetrating work takes the reader inside the supernova that was DON1’s creative life with nearly 200 never before seen graffiti photos of the most undocumented NYC train lines and an even rarer glimpse at work from his black book.

Kolorstorm: NYC graffiti art, heavy metal, comic books, and fantasy art intersect here in Louie “KR.ONE” Gasparro’s visual autobiography. This legendary Queens artist-drummer weaves these powerful influences into a medium he calls “Graffantasy,” creating tags, wall pieces, paintings and illustrations, model trains, jackets, and more. Gaze at this modern Renaissance man’s work from 1977 to the present, and trace his evolution from his adolescent days watching bombed subway cars whirring by in a KOLORSTORM, to the underground period tagging trains and evading cops, to his legal works and whole-school buses. Starting with a scrapbook-like photo collection from Louie’s youth and his other career as drummer of several heavy metal bands, the book moves on with elaborate sketches from the artist’s blackbooks, and colorful concert posters and album covers. Through a stunning array of styles and techniques, witness KR.ONE’s transformation from restless punk to major decorative artist and abstract painter.