A new rendering appears at 42-44 Crescent Street as work restarts

The last time we stopped by 42-44 Crescent Street was in July of 2017, when progress has stalled on the site.1 Recently, a new rendering appeared, calling for a winter 2018 delivery, and work has restarted on site, as seen in the photo below. Steel beams have been installed, rising well above the construction fence.

Permits, approved on Nov. 17, 2017, call for 12,495 square feet of construction space, with 2,060 for a ground floor commercial space at 10,435 of residential space.2 New York YIMBY was the first to spot the build permit back in July 2014.3

42-44 Crescent Street

A view of 42-44 Crescent Street

42-44 Crescent Street

Inside 42-44 Crescent Street

42-44 Crescent Street

New rendering for 42-44 Crescent Street

42-44 Crescent Street

Old rendering for 42-44 Crescent Street


Construction rises over fence at 44-46 Purves Street

We last checked in on 44-46 Purves Street back in late 2016 when a rendering had appeared on site.1 When we stopped by last week, we saw that a construction has risen over the fence, as seen in the photo below.

Permits were approved back in 2015, and the application was approved on Oct. 3, calling for a purely residential build with 49 units, 11 stories, and 36,487 square feet of residential space with a FAR of 8.00.2 Signage calls for an April 2018 delivery.

44-46 Purves Street

A view of 44-46 Purves Street

44-46 Purves Street

Rendering for 44-46 Purves Street


World Amigurumi Exhibition vol. 4: Dolls for Daily Life!

World Amigurumi Exhibition vol. 4: Dolls for Daily Life!
Through Mar 31, 2018
41-26 27th Street, Long Island City, NY 11101

What started as a unique Japanese crochet art only a few decades ago, amigurumi is now spreading like wild fire across the globe. RESOBOX, as a Japanese cultural community center located in New York, is bringing back the celebration of amigurumi with a new theme by a diverse selection of artists.

Amigurumi are normally used only as cute dolls for display. This year, we’ve decided to explore wider possibilities of amigurumi with the World Amigurumi Exhibition, with unique shapes and innovative ideas. As a result, we are stepping out of the ordinary and asking artists to create amigurumi products that can be used in daily life. Every day objects such as hair brushes, wallets, scarves, tissue box covers were submitted to our exhibition this year! In total, we’ve gathered pieces from 120 artists and 40 countries who have thought of their own creations to be useful in daily life.

See how diverse and different amigurumi can be at the World Amigurumi Exhibition vol. 4!


Construction rises over fence at 40-05 Crescent Street

Construction is past the first floor at 40-05 Crescent Street, the future home of a mixed-use building that will contain 32 apartments and more than 10,000 square feet of manufacturing space on the ground floor. A rendering on site shows a targeted delivery date of 2018, and judging from the pace of construction, it likely will be later in the year.

New York YIMBY was the first to snag a copy of the renderings, and has more details about the project:1

[T]he project […] will include 32 apartments spread across 25,018 square feet of space. With roughly 781 square feet per apartment, we’re expecting rentals. Two cellar levels will house 48 parking spots and bike storage space, and there will be 11,415 square feet of “manufacturing space” on the first two floors. The Schedule A filing reveals a contractor’s business will occupy those first two floors, as well as retail space. Apartments will fill part of the second floor and the remaining three floors within the 67-foot-tall development.

40-05 Crescent Street

A view of 40-05 Crescent Street

40-05 Crescent Street

Rendering for 40-05 Crescent Street