A LINC to the future

Some of you may not be as nerdy as me and won’t understand the pun I made in the title. Well, deal with it! A play on SNES classics1 is the type of humor you’re going to get here.

Ahem, OK, moving on. I toured the new LINC building that has been open since August, 2013, but recently had its ribbon-cutting ceremony in late November.2 The 42-story, 709-unit complex at 43-10 Crescent Street is loaded with amenities, and is chasing the young professional crowd with a vengeance. What are some of the amenities, you ask?

  • Squash courts
  • Basketball court
  • Duplex gym
  • Two duplex communal areas
  • 31st floor duplex lounge with an outdoor deck and lawn that just opened on Dec. 19
  • 24-hour doorman
  • Pet service
  • Private screening room
  • Child play room

The one amenity that is missing on this laundry list is cold storage for food, so you’ll have to actually *gasp* buy your groceries in person instead of online at FreshDirect or PeaPod. That will matter a lot less with a Food Cellar slated to open next year.3 I’m being told it will be opening in Spring, 2014.

Apartments range from studios starting at around $2,200 all the way up to three-bedrooms coming in around $4,750.4

The architect of the building wanted a upscale hotel feel to it. Take a look at the pictures and judge for yourself whether he got what he was looking for (your answer will almost universally be yes):


The lobby of LINC


Part of the duplex lounge on the first & second floor


The first floor of the duplex gym

screening room

Communal screening room


Indoor basketball court


Indoor squash court

31st floor

The outside of the 31st floor roofdeck


The inside of the 31st floor roofdeck


Inside a one-bedroom apartment

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