The Vista has two more apartments left

The Vista on 44-15 Purves Street has only two apartments left: A one-bedroom on the third floor (3B) and a studio on the 15th floor (15D).1

Last month, ModernSpaces was offering to cover all closing costs on their two remaining penthouse apartments if owners signed a contract by the first of the month. Those apartments are in contract now.

The Vista recently had another open house on their two remaining apartments on December 22. Perhaps we’ll get to see those go into contract soon. When we last checked in with The Vista in August, they had projected a November closing date with a full certificate of occupancy. Well, it’s Christmas and the lights are still off, but that can change rapidly with the building being nearly sold out.


The Vista on a cloudy, rainy afternoon

From the Vista’s description:

At The Vista we bring together a great location, sophisticated design and traditional Feng Shui principles to create the ultimate experience in “Harmonious Living.” All of these elements are carefully balanced to create not just a living space, but a way of life. From the very moment you step into the beautifully designed lobby and greet your 16-hour doorman, you will be inspired with a sense of balance and peace. You will know that this is home.


Apartment 3B (pictured) is a 713 sq/ft studio and is listed at $650,800. Meanwhile, apartment 15D has 495 sq/ft and has the price tag of $515,800. It’s certainly a good sign for the area when an apartment can list for more than $1,000/sq ft and have more than 95 percent of the building in contract.

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