An exclusive look inside Montessori Kids of Long Island City

Montessori Kids of Long Island City just completed construction at their new facility at 5 Court Square, and anticipates opening in March of 2014 as it awaits clearance from the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. The school is projected to have as many as 50+ students from ages 12 months to five years old.1

Owner Bhumika Sahu was kind enough to give me a sneak peak of the facilities. I’m told class sizes will be 8-10 students for the younger children, for a 3:1 ratio. Each of the three classrooms has a different theme (ocean, meadow, forest) and there is also a playroom where there will be activities like soccer or yoga. MKLIC will also feature an outdoor space.

Here are some pictures that I took inside the facility. Keep in mind that plenty will change in the classrooms between now the time of the opening, and we’ll be sure to check back in on the progress in 2014.


Classroom with an “ocean” theme


Classroom with a “forest” theme


The entrance to the school


From the outside

Here’s an excerpt from their website:2

With the opening of our doors, it is our hope that, as children progress through their time at MKLIC they will begin to develop an independence that leads them to free their potential. We look forward to working with you to provide a warm and supportive community for our children.

We are accepting pre-admission applications at this time. Please email us @ or like us on Facebook for an application.

I call this another win for the Court Square area. A daycare and preschool in the heart of Court Square shows that the area has reached the saturation point of families where a facility like this is viable.

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