Lack of progress on whitewashed 5 Pointz building irks artists

5 Pointz artists are still puzzled over Jerry Wolkoff’s decision to whitewash the street art mecca in November, especially in light of the lack of progress on construction since the coating was made.

“The intent (of whitewashing the building ahead of demolition) was to make it pain free and quick for residents and artists alike,” 5 Pointz spokesman and Court Square resident Marie for Meres said by email. “Talk about visual torture for both commuters, residents and artists on a daily basis for now almost two months.”

Wolfoff made the decision to paint over the graffiti on November 19, 2013, because it would ease the pain to take the “medicine” in one dose instead of dragging out the process.

“It would take three months,” Woloff told the New York Post in November.1 “To watch the [art] pieces go down piece by piece by piece would be torturous. In New York, you can’t implode a building. So let me just go in and paint it in one morning, and it’s over with.”

Woloff previously said that the demolition would take place in December.2 But since that fateful day in November, the building has gone untouched, and there is currently no active construction going on with the building, though the whitewash remains.

Ultimately, the 5 Pointz artists say that having to look at the white coated building has proven to be even more painful, despite whatever intentions that Woloff may have had.

“We are approaching two months of looking at a soulless, dead, poorly painted building,” Marie for Meres said.

Wolkoff plans to turn the warehouse into a luxury high rise, and plans are in place to demolishing the building, located at 45-46 Davis St., which will presumably happen later this year.3 When the building is ultimately demolished, it will end a cantankerous and heavily contested litigation to save what has been nicknamed “The Institute of Higher Burning.”4


5 Pointz in its prime (Photo Credit: Edward Vallejo)

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