Still quiet at the 43-25 Hunter Street construction site

It’s hard to imagine right now, but 43-25 Hunter Street is only 2-3 years away from being one of the tallest residential building in Queens. Rockrose owns this lot, and has plans for a 50-story, 907,000-square-foot, 500-foot-tall building with 975 units.1

43-25 Hunter Street

Nothing yet at 43-25 Hunter Street

43-25 Hunter Street

An aerial view of 43-25 Hunter Street (far right) shows no activity yet

Some early reports said that Rockrose would be breaking ground in the fourth quarter of 2013, but that obviously hasn’t happened yet. The project will likely get underway in early 2014.

And when it’s all said and done? It’ll look something like this:

43-25 Hunter Street

Rendering of 43-25 Hunter Street

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