Court Square is among the Elite 8 (of substation hatchway rehabilitations)

The MTA has coughed up between $5-$10 million to rehabilitate substation access hatchways across the city. OK, so I may not know what the hell substation access hatchways are useful for, but I do know that our very own Court Square Station was selected among the first eight for what I’m sure is another move by the MTA to make our lives miserable a dynamic and critical project. Construction is underway (pictures below) on the 7 train entrance by Jackson Avenue and 45th Avenue and will be completed sometime in 2Q 2014. Here’s the official information from the MTA website:1

Rehabilitate Substation Hatchways: 8 Locations
$5M – $10M

This project is the subset of a larger project to replace / repair the hatches at one-hundred-twelve (112) underground power substations. This project will provide safe and reliable access to underground substation facilities at eight locations as follows: 161st Street, 9th Street and Prospect Park West, West 119th Street, East 165th Street; 11th Street and Jackson Ave, 72nd Drive and Queens Blvd; 86th Street and Bay 26th Street, Saratoga Street. The scope of work includes the following tasks:

  • Replace hatch doors, staircases with supporting steel
  • Install guardrail and handrail, steel support members for street grating
  • Repair sidewalks and curbs as needed
  • Repair spalled and cracked concrete
  • Stop water leaks
  • Clean/repair hatchway drains

Duration of Contract 23 Months

Substation Hatchways

The construction will be complete by 2Q 2014

Substation Hatchways

A look inside the construction fence

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