welcomes new exhibit ‘Pleiades’ on Friday evening

pleiades_invite is set to open a new exhibit dubbed Pleiades that will be an “escape into an otherworldly environment filled with magical muses adorned in ethereal couture, eccentric oddities, colossal installations and surreal visual media.”

Opening night will be Friday at on 26-19 Jackson Avenue from 7-10 p.m.1

Here’s more from the release:

The event will be showcasing the installation art and sculpture of Rosanna Scimeca, fine art couture by Papusza Couture and film by Gemma Fleming. The show will also feature custom textile fabrication by Keelan Kelly, and millinery by Katie Burley Millinery.

Large-scale installations transform and envelop the gallery by combining hard, perennial materials such as glass and steel, contrasted against the softer, more transient and ephemeral organic elements. Faced with the harshness of our urbanized environment and the paradoxical rigid softness of our personal mythologies, the space reflects these self- appointed identifiers. The installations will both shield from and integrate into an environment riddled with disjointed desires. The couture collection, entitled Pleiades, makes a nod to the constellation and the rich and fantastical mythology associated with it. The models will interact with the installations to convey characters of the stars, who have been watching the earth perish from the sky, and have finally come to collect what has been destroyed. This collection was handmade using futuristic armor-like materials, such as metal and acrylic, fused with organic materials and old world techniques to present an air of ancient meets the future. Many of the textiles, custom made with the use of modern technology, put an emphasis on artistic imagination and original design.

Paired with the couture ensembles, unique millinery will be worn by several of the muses. These ethereal headdresses transform mere mortals into the divine. Film will be shown to interpret the beauty and tale of the star people’s origin. Set amidst an airy backdrop, among the sculptures and installations, this film will showcase the unique color palates and construction akin to the couture. 

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