Sculpture Center to feature Chance Motives exhibition on Saturday


Chance Motives will be on Saturday, February 8, 11am-6pm

The Sculpture Center is hosting its highly-anticipated new exhibition on Saturday, Feb. 8 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 44-19 Purves Street called Chance Motives. So what is all this hubbub about? It’s all explained in their handy-dandy press release:1

Chance Motives explores the possibilities for rupture within the ongoing performances of daily life and labor through techniques of orchestration and choreography. Loosely interpreted to include pedestrian systems, rituals, and routines; these performative modes are mobilized as alternatives to the tyranny of risk management. The works in the program make use of methods that can accommodate accident and error, in opposition to both algorithms of efficiency (devised for the hysterical demands of market production) and the pure chance operations of Fluxus.

Chance Motives is organized within the SculptureCenter galleries as an assembly of discrete presentations (and performative installations) engaging a number of themes: gesture as an index of memory; material and cultural appropriations of natural phenomena; psychic distance from the tangibility of social relationships. The unifying principle is formal, insofar as the commissioned projects deal with pacing, rhythm and synchronicity on their own terms, counter to the prevailing narrative of spectacular acceleration and the debilitating anxiety of crisis in the contemporary moment. The act of building up implies a certain degree of breaking down; the fiction of transcendence (virtuosity) is also a lack of transparency.

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