Court Square Library to add 1,200 square feet

The Court Square Library

The Court Square Library is expanding

The Court Square Library, located at 25-01 Jackson Avenue, is about to add 1,200 square feet thanks to a generous donation from our friends over at Citibank.1 This will make the total space 3,200 square feet, which makes sense considering how many apartments have opened/are set to open in the area.

The story, first reported by LICPost, has some great quotes from Joanne King, the Director of Communications at the Queens Library:

“The [new] space is going to encompass a children’s room and a separate meetings/program room,” said Joanne King, Director of Communications with the Queens Library. This expansion will allow the library to better serve the needs of the growing community, King said. “Right now, the library has a tiny children’s section…but there are a lot of kids in the neighborhood,” she said.

And the best part is that the library expansion will be done by late spring or early summer.

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