Court Square Studios says ‘sky is the limit’ for neighborhood, studio


A view inside Court Square Studios

Court Square Studios, located at 21-38 44th Road, has been open since January and has already hosted several shoots. We sat down with directors Mauricio Arenas and Jenny Bousquet to find out their vision for the studio, and their thoughts on the future of Court Square.

Here’s what they had to say:

The Court Square Blog: How have things been for your studio since you opened?

Jenny Bousquet: We’ve been open to the public for just about a month and a half and everyday someone finds out about us, they either come here or call wanting to know about the place. We already have a lot of things going on.

Mauricio Arenas: I have clients and they come and shoot music videos. People come here to request dates. They like the space.

TCSB: What kind of services do you guys provide for clients?

JB: We do all kinds of audiovisual production, from pre-production, to production and post-production. We can help you with the whole process.

MA: We also provide space and rooms that can be used for casting, rehearsal, makeup/hair, wardrobe or any needs of your production. Our filming space is a plus for us now. We go from commercials to music videos, documentaries, feature films, among others. Anything related with the entertainment industry is welcome.

JB: We’re looking to make this space available for teamwork and collaboration. We want to be involved in this community and help it grow. We have this great space and it’s ready to make movies or develop all kinds of projects.

MA: Anybody who is thinking of doing something on the audio-visual level, we have experience. I’ve been doing this for 10 years and we’ve been working together for 8 years.

TCSB: What do you envision this studio becoming?

MA: We don’t know where we’re going to end up. The sky is the limit. There’s a lot of visions. I guess a big production house for everyone who wants to work with us.

JB: We want to live our lives filming and working in this industry. We are building our community based on film and arts. Everyone who comes here, who works with us can help and together make something better than by themselves.

MA: We want to build the best community and best collaboration team. I see a bright future. We’ve been contacted by a lot of people who are excited about us. We’re going to grow to become a big team. We’re new and fresh in town so we’re excited.

TCSB: Why did you pick the Court Square area?

JB: Everyone knows where Court Square is. Everyone knows the relevance of this neighborhood in the Film and Arts industry. We are in Court Square and we are a studio, everyone can know who we are and where we are just by our name.

MA: We’re becoming a film community and art community also. It’s a mix. We are the best deal in town and we’re new, we’re fresh, we’re digital, we’re old school too. Court Square is becoming a big thing especially with the influx of people coming from the Rockrose development.

JB: This neighborhood is the best place we could be for this industry. There is a lot of activity related to films and arts in this area. It’s going to be really good for us and the neighborhood to have this space for the artists who want to work. It’s a perfect space. Please, visit us at

If you’re a film maker and are interested in shooting at Court Square Studios, here are some more details:1

3500 square feet of raw space, 20 feet height. White walls/black floor and ceiling.

Additional: 2 rooms that can be used as a production office, Wardrobe/makeup room, storage, or for any other production need.

Room 1: 338 square feet

Room 2: 368 square feet.

Wi-Fi Private phone line. 200 amps available. Separate Women & Men’s restrooms. Kitchen/ Heat/ A.C. Drive on access. 4 subway lines (G, E, M and 7) 10 minutes to Manhattan.


The studio can handle all kinds of audiovisual production


Shooting on set

One of the rehearsal rooms

One of the rehearsal rooms


A classroom inside the studio

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