Rendering and details released for 27-07 43rd Avenue

Last Wednesday, we noticed activity on the lot at 27-07 43rd Avenue,1 a space that has been dormant for years. Few details were known at the time, but we’ve gotten a lot of new information over the last few days.

On Friday, construction vehicles were in and out of the site all day, and when we returned later, we saw that they posted a “What’s Going On Here?” sign, along with a picture of a rendering of the building. As you can see below, it will be a nine-story building with retail on the ground floor and eight floors of residential.

The projected delivery date is spring of 2016.

27-07 43rd Avenue lot

27-07 43rd Avenue will be a 9-story mixed-used building

27-07 43rd Avenue lot

The rendering for 27-07 43rd Avenue

27-07 43rd Avenue lot

Construction is underway at 27-07 43rd Avenue

2 thoughts on “Rendering and details released for 27-07 43rd Avenue

  1. This is the most self-contradictory, convoluted communication I have ever seen. The sign states on top that it will be 9 stories. Further down–on the same exact sign–it states it will be 12 stories. But if you look at the picture, I count 10 stories! So it appears that this building will be–simultaneously–9, 10 and 12 stories.

    Let’s hope the architects are a bit clearer on what they’ve been tasked to build.

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