Joy Gourmet on 45th Avenue closes

Joy Gourmet, located at 11-55 45th Ave, closed in February. The restaurant, located across the street from Key Food, had previously offered a large salad bar and soups. Presently, a ‘For Rent’ sign appears in the front of the building.

Joy Gourmet

A ‘for rent’ sign appears at the former Joy Gourmet


5 thoughts on “Joy Gourmet on 45th Avenue closes

    • I live in the area and I think the strip of stores is an untapped market. It is right next to the subway and there is new construction in the area and other buildings on the way. This would be a great investment. I hope someone smart makes something great at this location!

      • Here here…

        Next to Tozt Cafe there is an empty storefront and I saw workers in there the other day. Anyone know what is planned for that storefront?

  1. They closed because the new owner of the buildings supposedly wanted $8,000 a month for rent. I live in those buildings and hope that it does not become a bar. Its nice and quiet at night here.

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