With LIC Pharmacy closed, need for amenities grows

LIC Pharmacy

LIC Pharmacy has officially closed

As Court Square residents, we all know that amenities are a bit sparse.1 Perhaps the biggest thing we’re missing right now is a pharmacy, especially now that LIC Pharmacy, located at 44-69 21st Street closed in December.

As you can see from the above picture, a sign hung on the awning has informed residents of their official closure. Customers are now directed to fill their prescriptions at the Duane Reade in the Long Island City waterfront district located at 47-02 5th Street. That is certainly frustrating news for Court Square residents, who will now have to add .6 miles, or 13 minutes, to their walk to get their medicine.

We’ve heard all sorts of rumors about a pharmacy (Duane Reade? Kings Pharmacy?) being opened nearby Linc LIC at 43-10 Crescent Street, but nothing has been officially signed.

Until then, the waiting game for amenities continues.

3 thoughts on “With LIC Pharmacy closed, need for amenities grows

  1. Is there really a rumor of one opening at Linc? From what I was told by the building staff, the ground floor retail space on the corner of Crescent and 43rd Ave is most likely going to be a nail salon. Which is a bit annoying. I’d rather a Duane Reade Express or something.

  2. Regina, the pharmacist, never told anyone she was closing. Instead we were informed by the note on the dooor that our prescriptions were moved to Duane Reade. I moved my prescriptions to the Vernon Blvd Pharmacy as i hate Duane Reade and would rather suppport a local independent business that has been in the neighborhood for years. The best part is that they will deliver your medicine to you!! So court square residents give them your business and support an independent pharmacy.

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