A strike involving doormen, handymen and porters could affect Linc LIC

An expiring contract involving local 32B-J of the Service Employees International Union could affect residents of Linc LIC.

The contract, which is set to expire on April 20 at midnight, involves doormen, handymen and porters in multi-family residential buildings throughout New York City. That includes Linc LIC, which opened its doors to residents in November.1

In preparation for the possibility of a strike, Rockrose sent a letter to all residents on Monday outlining procedures in the event of not having building service employees available, multiple sources have told The Court Square Blog. We obtained a copy of one of the letters, and it included procedures on security, delivery, elevator service, garbage collection, repairs, amenity spaces, and cleaning of halls and public areas, among other items.

Residents at Linc LIC will still have access to a resident manager.

“We have shared info with our tenants so they can prepare in advance to minimize any inconvenience,” Rockrose spokesman Paul Januszewski said to The Court Sqaure Blog in an email. “But we are hopeful that an agreement will be reached.”


The lobby of LINC

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