Montessori Kids of Long Island City aims for May opening

When we toured Montessori Kids of Long Island City, located at 5 Court Square, in December, the school looked to be on the verge of opening.1 Well, that day is rapidly approaching.

“[We are] looking to open somewhere in the third week of May,” owner Bhumika Sahu said in an email to The Court Square Blog.

Sahu also told us that MKLIC is in the final steps with the Department of Health and Department of Buildings and, as you can see from the photos below, has completed setting up the interior of the classrooms.

According to their website,2 parents will be receiving applications in the coming weeks:

Starting the week of April 14th we will be sending out applications to parents who have already done tours of our new facility at 5 Court Square. Instructions and next steps will be provided in the application packet. Starting the week of April 21th we will be conducting open houses for parents interested in enrolling their child(ren). After which we will provide applications to parents who are interested in enrolling their child.


Montessori is aiming for a May 2014 opening


Classroom with a ‘forrest’ setting


Classroom with a ‘meadow’ setting’


Classroom with an ‘ocean’ setting

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