Activity seen at 44-30 Purves Street

Last June, Brause Realty purchased the lot at 44-30 Purves Street for $17.2 million with plans to build around 250 rental units.1 Since then, aside from a fence going up, there has been zero activity and no new permits have been filed.2

But, on Tuesday, we spotted vehicles inside the lot and spoke to one of the workers on scene.

He told us that the work being done was preliminary surveying of the property, and that formal construction will likely not begin until this fall. Still, it’s a good first step, and keeps on the timeline that was reported in The Real Deal of construction starting in 2014 and ultimately delivering in 2015.

44-30 Purves Street

44-30 Purves Street has been quiet until Tuesday

44-30 Purves Street

But on Tuesday, vehicles were seen inside

44-30 Purves Street

A look at 44-30 Purves Street from higher up

44-30 Purves Street

The only permit issued has been for the fence

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