Dog Island City to relocate to 27-18 44th Drive

Dog Island City will relocate to 27-18 44th Drive, owner Lidia Lozovsky said to The Court Square Blog on Monday afternoon.

The dog grooming/care store is currently located on 5-29 50th Avenue, but is aiming to move to the Court Square location by “the end of June,” Lozovsky said.

Dog Island City, which opened in 2009, offers “cage free, comfortable, nurturing, kind and caring environment. Your pet will interact with others – enjoying the social interaction pets crave.”1

Construction began on the 44th Drive space earlier in April,2 and Werwaiss & Co., Inc. partner Gretchen Werwaiss said that work is expected to wrap up by the end of the month. Court Square will now have two pet care facilities.3

It is also one of two spaces that Werwaiss & Co. was looking to fill in Court Square. The other is the second floor of 25-34 Jackson Avenue, which is still available for lease.4

27-18 44th drive

Rendering for 27-18 44th Drive (H/T Werwaiss & Co., Inc.)

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