26-20 Jackson Avenue tops out

The last time we checked in on 26-20 Jackson Avenue was in February when the building was just starting to rise.1 Well, construction has moved along nicely since then because the building has just topped off. As you can see from the photos below, the future five story building just put in the fifth floor penthouses units last week, which is the finishing touch on the rise of the project.

According to the filings with the Department of Buildings,2 when all is said and done, there will be nine residential units (9,130 square feet) and one commercial space (1,692 square feet) in the building. Multiple sources have told The Court Square Blog that the project will be a rental.

26-20 Jackson

An aerial view of 26-20 Jackson

26-20 Jackson

26-20 Jackson has topped out


The rendering for 26-20 Jackson Ave

2 thoughts on “26-20 Jackson Avenue tops out

  1. Those are two different buildings?! Hahahaha. I’ve been over here thinking they were erecting some add-on to the larger building next door. Like, maybe the gym and lounge would be in there. Haha. I feel foolish now.

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