All is still quiet on the 45-34 Pearson Street lot

It’s been roughly nine months since Queens Brownstoner checked in on the lot at 45-34 Pearson Street, which is projected to be a eight-story, 16-unit building.1 As you can see from the photos below, literally nothing has happened on the 2,500 square foot construction site since then.

We checked the department of buildings permits, and the only thing of note is that the building permit was renewed on April 8, and will extend until April 1, 2015.2 We’ll check back in if we see any movement, but for now, the lot looks deserted.

45-34 Pearson Street

Nothing has happened inside the 45-34 Pearson Street lot

45-34 Pearson Street

The fence in front of 45-34 Pearson Street has worn down

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