Construction worker says ‘a bar’ is coming to 42-51 27th Street

Back in March, we noticed construction starting at 42-51 27th Street.1 Permits in the front of the building showed that the project was eventually going to develop into an “eating and drinking establishment.” Well, we stopped by last week and saw that construction was really picking up, and snapped a photo of the interior of the building. A series of new work permits issued March, 31, 2014, authorizes crews to install a new toilet, and permits continue to point toward the spot turning into a nightlife spot.

While we were there, we spoke with one of the construction workers who confirmed at least some of our hunches. When we asked him what the building was going to be, he said, “a bar.” When will the bar open? “When we finish,” the worker said, with a smile on his face. He didn’t give a timeline, and then disappeared back into the building.

42-51 27th Street

Construction crews tending to 42-51 27th Street

42-51 27th Street

42-51 27th Street has been issued a new permit (3/31) since we last stopped by

42-51 27th Street

A peak inside the building

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