Dutch Kills bar to turn five in style

Dutch Kills

Dutch Kills turns 5

May 1, 2009 was a historic day for the Court Square neighborhood. On that day, Dutch Kills set up shop at 27-24 Jackson Avenue. Well, five years later, the bar is still going strong, and is going to celebrate its birthday in style.

Here’s all the information you need from the invite:1

Hola! Hello! Bonjour!

Dutch Kills will be celebrating it’s 5th birthday this May 1st. I know, I know, how can it be 5 years!? You’ve still never made it out to DK! Well, here’s your chance.

Employees old and new will be stopping by to do guest shifts, we’ll be reviving our first ever menu (3 cognac drinks out of 5, what were we thinking?) and thanking all of you for the support over the years.

Our very special guests will be as follows on the main bar:

8pm – Sasha “Don Corleone” Petraske
9pm – Jane “wtf color will my hair be? Come and find out” Danger
10pm – Richard “Silver Fox” Boccato
11pm – Anne “Who, me, a murderer?!?” Robinson
12am – Zack “Rum Boi” Gelnaw-Rubin
And more TBA!

Your regular Thursday night staff will also be in full effect, Daiquiris will flow!

Please join us to lift a glass.

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