Construction crew seen at 27-20 Jackson Avenue

Over the weekend, we saw a construction crew tidying up the building at 27-20 Jackson Avenue, former home of Jules Printing & Stationary. Crews were seen painting the doorway with black paint and fixing up the entry area.

But what will the building be when all is said and done? It’s unknown at the moment.

A check of the building’s permits only shows a permit approved for “installation of a sidewalk shed” back in September.1 Nothing about the permit suggests a change in zoning from an industrial to a residential or retail building. Still, 27-20 Jackson Avenue figures to be some sort of retail space. It is in the same group of buildings that houses Dutch Kills bar, and also is rumored to house a Japanese restaurant a few buildings over.2

27-20 Jackson Avenue

Construction crews were seen at 27-20 Jackson Avenue

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