Rockrose hits snag on 43-25 Hunter Street project

Rockrose has hit another snag on its 43-25 Hunter Street development.

On May 14, a series of permits that Rockrose applied for were denied by the Department of Buildings, seemingly for a zoning issue. According to the permits, “Development Challenge Process is pending Zoning Approval.”1 The last action for the permits states “PLAN EXAM – DISAPPROVED 05/15/2014 (J).”

Construction was originally slated to begin on the 50-story, 907,000-square-foot, 500-foot-tall building with 975 units in the fourth quarter of 2013.2 But we’re now nearing the third quarter of 2014, and there has been zero activity on the lot.

43-25 Hunter Street

Nothing yet at 43-25 Hunter Street

43-25 Hunter Street

Rendering of 43-25 Hunter Street

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