Construction at Murray Playground nears completion

Construction is wrapping up at Murray Playground. Trucks and construction vehicles have slowly petered out and we’ve seen plenty of trees and flowers being planted in the area. As you can see from the photos below, the New York City Parks and Recreation (they may not be called that, but I’m calling them that for the sake of this article because it is *literally* my favorite show1 on television) seem to be on target to hit their summer 2014 deadline.

Here is the full description of the work on the NYC Parks website:2

John F. Murray Playground is currently under construction. This much needed renovation will include new play equipment, safety surfacing, paving, fencing, and an innovative new spray shower. In addition, a series of new benches for parents and caregivers will be included, and native plants will be used in the landscaping. Once complete, this playground will be a welcome respite for visitors of all ages.

Murray Playground

A look at Murray Playground

Murray Playground

A second look at Murray Playground

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