Futuristic turbines to partially power Pearson Court Square

Pearson Court Square

The three turbines above Pearson Court Square

If you’ve been walking around the Court Square area recently, you may have noticed that Pearson Court Square at 45-40 Pearson Street has been invaded by aliens has futuristic wind turbines on the roof. As you can see from the photo above, the newest rental building has three wind turbines on top as part of an effort among New York City developers to build up their green credentials.

The New York Times recently featured Pearson Court Square in an overall article about how we’re going to see more green energy features in New York City buildings in the future:1

Windmills have always been at the heart of the city’s identity, including the earliest recorded image, a 1626 engraving by Joost Hartgers, and one appeared at the center of the city’s official seal when the five boroughs incorporated in 1898. L&M is picking up where the city founders left off. The developer has had a longstanding commitment to sustainable design, using solar panels, insulated glass, super-efficient boilers and the like. But it has never found the right place to install wind turbines until now.

And even if the whole “green energy” thing doesn’t work out, there’s more than one use for the turbines.

“If tenants don’t pay the rent,” Mr. Moelis, of L&M Development, joked, “we can always take them up there and tie them up.”


L&M Development made a funny!

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