Local Project halfway toward its fundraising goal with 12 days left

Court Square institution Local Project needs your help. LP recently moved from the 5Pointz building and is having trouble meeting its rent obligations. They’ve launched a Kickstarter project with a goal of $6,100 by July 12. With 12 days left to go, LP is a little more than halfway through, having raised $3,092 through 52 backers.

If you’re interested, please donate here.

Here’s more information about the project:1

How do you put cash value on a 12-year successful model of community development? You don’t. So BUY A BRICK instead: LP survives.

Who We Are

Local Project is a non-profit organization committed to building an educational forum for emerging artists of exceptional vision, and creating synergy between the exhibition of their work and the public. We believe diversity is essential to growth. Founded in 2003 by a group of artists and friends, LP is committed to offering year-round exhibitions, arts mentoring, classes, co-working space, art residencies and bilingual programming, while building bridges with other institutions; LP is creative harbor for all, where artist and community can collaborate towards a richer and fuller development of both.

LP is in danger of losing its new space. We seek support through Kickstarter for implementation of a sustainable strategic plan to ensure it thrives for another 12 years.

“As Long Island City goes through its changes and becomes less an artist area, it’s all the more important to have organizations like Local Project in existence and functioning well as a gathering place, an exhibit place, a place for the education of artists.“
Jeffrey Leder, Director of Jeffrey Leder Gallery.

LP has been in a transition since moving from the 5Pointz building and we need to raise at least $6,100 by July 15th, to meet the 50% rent hike.

The Vision

LP is an innovative model for community development through art, connecting people across national and social boundaries.

Buy a Brick, Create a Culture

“I chose to give back to LP because it has provided me with so much and asked for so little in return (this is possibly to its own detriment). LP is one of the few truly benevolent art institutions with which I am familiar in the city. When you witness something with potential you try to do as much as possible to ensure that it will flourish. Unfortunately, there are but a small number of people who do most of the work with very limited resources; so I volunteer to help.”

Gifts include:

  • A personalized brick on our supporter’s wall with your name on it and a limited edition “I Bought a Brick” vintage tee.
  • A copy of the Crossroads CD recorded live at LP’s 2014 Poetry & Music Festival. Your name will be listed on the CD as as an LP supporter.
  • One month of co-working space at our creative office.
  • You can have or curate your own show in the new Local Project Space. Your show will last 2 weeks and will include an awesome opening.
  • One-of-a kind handmade lamp by local artist Cristian Daniel Torres and original artwork by Annalisa Iadicicco.

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