Rockrose mega project at 43-25 Hunter Street gets partial approval

Rockrose received partial approval from the Department of Buildings on Friday to build their mega project at 43-25 Hunter Street. It’s been a long process for the development corporation, which originally filed the permits back in February, 2013. Since then, permits have been denied multiple times.12

The main permit for the building reads “PLAN EXAM – PARTIAL APPROVAL 06/27/2014 (K)” while permits for mechanical, plumbing and structural work were disapproved.3 While it wasn’t a full approval, we’re hoping that we’ll see activity on the site. If and when we do, we’ll be sure to check back in.

According to permits, the 50-story building will have 767,305 square feet of residential space and 18,800 square feet of retail space.

43-25 Hunter Street

Activity may start soon at 43-25 Hunter Street

43-25 Hunter Street

Rendering of 43-25 Hunter Street

2 thoughts on “Rockrose mega project at 43-25 Hunter Street gets partial approval

  1. This needs to get started. It’s messing up my three year plan. Haha. The plan is to move into a three-bedroom here once it opens.

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