Activity seen at 44-18 Purves Street lot

Purves Street is one of the most active blocks in New York City, notwithstanding 44-18 Purves Street. The lot immediately next to LIC Auto Repair has not been active in quite some time, that is, until June 24, when we saw construction crews placing rodent abatement on the site. So far, a construction fence is the only thing that’s been approved by the department of buildings,1 but this may be the first step toward something new.

The lot sold earlier in the year for $21,085,841, and the buyer seems to have some ties to Silvercup Studios, according to Queens Brownstoner.2

44-18 Purves Street

The lot at 44-18 Purves Street

44-18 Purves Street

Rat poison was placed inside the 44-18 Purves Street lot

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