Introducing Tenant King, the private network for your building


You need a babysitter. You want to sell your old TV. You want to organize a block party. You forgot the name of the guy in #9A.

Lucky for you, we launched Tenant King 5 months ago, emerging as Long Island City’s best resource to connect with your neighbors on a private network and get things done!

We know how it works—you want to buy or sell something, kind of like you would on Craigslist, but without dealing with all the Craigslist shadyness. Maybe you just moved into your building or are new to the neighborhood. Wouldn’t it be nice to get to know your neighbors?

This is what we, and our neighbors, came across as Long Island City went from an industrial neighborhood to a residential community. Almost all of us in Long Island City were new to the neighborhood and we didn’t have a way to network the way we wanted—locally.

We didn’t choose Long Island City for our initial launch at random. It’s a hotbed for culture. It caters to diverse families just as much as to young creative and corporate professionals. Frankly, the only thing Long Island City was lacking up until now, was us.

Tenant King is easy to use, private, and solves the problem that high-rises all across New York City face—lack of community.

So far feedback has been tremendous. On a regular basis, you can find us on the streets of LIC, discussing Tenant King with current users and verifying new neighbors.

Tenant King aims to be nothing less than the private social network of New York City’s high-rises. Tenant King was created in Long Island City, and right now, it’s available in 30 high-rise buildings in the burgeoning neighborhood. Oh, and it’s totally free.

Live site:

Our contact info:

Twitter: @TenantKing
Facebook: /TenantKing
Instagram: /Tenant_King
Phone: (212) 390-1025

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