Construction starts again inside the Food Cellar

The number one question we hear over at The Court Square Blog is, “What is the deal with the Food Cellar?” Loyal reader Amadeo Plaza is among those people, and earlier in the week, he was walking by the future home of the Food Cellar at 43-10 Crescent Street and snapped the below photo. While we’ve seen construction crews start up work again recently after a long hiatus, it appears from this photo that the earliest it will deliver will be winter of this year. A source with knowledge of the situation told TCSB that a more realistic delivery date will be 1Q 2015.

When it finally delivers, the Food Cellar will span 14,000 sq ft. in the commercial space of LINC LIC, and will have a “food bar and outdoor seating,” and “will sell items from LIC Flea & Food vendors and locally brewed beer.”1

Food Cellar

Inside construction at the Food Cellar

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