Scaffolding up at 28-18 Jackson Avenue

In the last week of August, we saw construction crews putting up scaffolding at 28-18 Jackson Avenue. Work was being done in accordance with a DOB Permit that was approved on August 22, 2014.1 There are two other permits in the DOB bin for this site, both of which deal with demolition.2

Still, the permits were approved back in 2008, so we’re not sure if the scaffolding permit corresponds to this plan, or if developers have other ideas for the lot. We’ll be sure to check back in at some point, though there appears to be plenty of activity going on in the lot behind it on Jackson between Orchard and West Streets.

28-18 Jackson Ave.

Scaffolding is up at 28-18 Jackson Ave.

28-18 Jackson Ave

Could scaffolding at 28-18 Jackson Ave. be related to construction going on in the lot behind it?

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