Asbestos abatement begins at 42-16 West Street

Last week, we were walking by 42-16 West Street when we noticed two new plywood fences on site.1 Upon closer examination, we also observed signs for asbestos abatement peppered around the lot. Abatement was approved on July 28 and will last until July 10, 2015, according to the signs. According to NY Curbed, permits for demolition were filed today.2

The $875 million project will eventually turn into a “42-story tower with 700 apartments in 2015, with a planned completion of that initial project in 2017.”3

42-16 West Street

Abatement has begun at 42-16 West Street

28-18 Jackson Ave

Construction vehicles were seen inside the lot

42-16 West Street

42-16 West Street is currently an abandoned building

42-16 West Street

Permits were approved for plywood fences (seen on the right)

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