Demolition permit filed at 27-21 44th Drive site

Back in late fall of 2013, Brookfield Financial Real Estate Group announced it was accepting bids for their 27-21 44th Drive development site with the asking price of around $23.5 million.1 We were walking by over the weekend when we saw signs for rodent abatement peppering the building (as seen below).

A check of the DOB database shows that demolition permits were filed for the site on August 15 by a group called “Silvercup Properties.”2 Multiple sources with knowledge of the situation tell the Court Square Blog that plans are in the works to combine 27-21 44th Drive and the lot immediately behind it, 44-18 Purves Street, into one lot. We previously have seen activity on that Purves Street lot,3 which is currently owned by Silvercup.4 Sources also tell TSCB that developers are also seeking to build another large residential building, though initial plans are for this to be a condominium build, as opposed to a rental building.

44-18 Purves Street

44-18 Purves Street hooks right into the back of 27-21 44th Drive

27-21 44th Drive

Abatement signs were seen all over the 27-21 44th Drive building

27-21 44th Drive

A look at the front of 27-21 44th Drive

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