Checking in on construction at four Rockrose buildings on Jackson Avenue

In February, Rockrose began construction on four retail properties it owns on Jackson Avenue.1 This group of buildings includes 26-09, 26-11, 26-21 and 26-25 Jackson Avenue. The initial permit filed in January was only for demolition, but a more recent permit filed for 26-09 and 26-11 Jackson Avenue in July calls for the installation of a sprinkler system,2showing that construction has moved on to the next phase.

Last week, we saw a construction crane working on the roofs, and we also were able to peek inside 26-09 Jackson Avenue for a quick look. Currently, all four of the spaces are available for lease, according to the Rockrose website.3

26-09 Jackson Avenue

This crane was working on the roof of 26-09 Jackson Avenue

26-09 Jackson Avenue

A look inside 26-09 Jackson Avenue

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