Full Reveal: Planned Parenthood at 21-41 45th Road

Scaffolding is down at 21-41 45th Road, the future home of Planned Parenthood.1 According to Queens Courier, elected officials, women’s rights activists and Planned Parenthood representatives were on hand to usher in the building’s second phase of construction earlier in the month.2 Here’s more information about what will eventually inhabit the building:

The new health center, located at 41-21 45 Road in Long Island City, is scheduled to open in May. It will provide a full range of sexual and reproductive health services in a 14,000-square-foot facility. Services will include birth control, Pap tests, breast and cervical cancer screening, pregnancy testing and counseling, gynecological care, testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, HIV testing and counseling and abortion services.

Planned Parenthood

The curtains are down at Planned Parenthood

21-41 45th Road

Rendering for 21-41 45th Road was pretty spot on

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