11-15 47th Road tops out

We were strolling by the grey area between Court Square and the waterfront district last week when he happened upon construction at 11-15 47th Road. There’s been no media coverage of the four story building, but from looking at the building permits, it looks like construction crews will deliver a four-story, five-unit apartment building sometime in spring, 2015.1 The project is a completely residential build, with 4,998 square feet of residential space and a FAR of 1.99. It also appears that some of the units will be duplexes.

As you can see in the photos below, construction has already moved along at a rapid rate since the permits were approved in June of 2013, and the building has reached the top level. We’ll expect to see facade work begin soon.

11-15 47th Road

11-15 47th Road has topped out

11-15 47th Road

The rendering for 11-15 47th Road

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