On our one-year anniversary, a guide to construction in Court Square

If you can believe it, this post marks the one-year anniversary of The Court Square Blog.1 It’s been an incredible journey giving you, our loyal readers, the daily account of what’s going on in our neighborhood. On occasion, we get messages from our readers saying that streets and addresses often just meld into each other, with each project a standalone article without much context of the full-scale construction that’s going on around it.

Well, the post seeks to bridge that gap slightly. We were on our rooftop of our building recently, and took three pictures of the surrounding area. We then took the pictures and put pink numbers on it to signify something significant in that space. Without further ado, here is our guide to construction in Court Square. (Note – these pictures were taken sometime in September, so a lot has already changed since then.)


1. Rockrose’s project at 43-25 Hunter Street. We’ll have an update on this tomorrow, but according to permits, the 50-story building will have 767,305 square feet of residential space and 18,800 square feet of retail space.2

2. Rockrose has a line of buildings that are former industrial buildings. They plan on turning these into the retail hub of the area, though they’ve been vacant since they were bought out. Construction began in 1Q 2014.3

3. In August, Rockrose reported that Linc LIC (42-story, 709-unit building), located at 43-10 Crescent Street was 100 percent leased.4


4. Originally filed as a nine-story residential build,5 the new permits in September called for 27-07 43rd Avenue to have 108 hotel rooms and nearly 50,000 square feet commercial space.

5. 25-19 43rd Avenue will turn into a 86-unit condominium with “a fitness center, roof deck, parking, bike storage and other amenities.”6

6.  42-60 Crescent Street will have 44,006 square feet of residential space (40 units) with 2,309 square feet of ground floor commercial space.7

7. 23-01 42nd Road will rise to be 44 floors featuring 306,446 square feet of residential space and 30,650 square feet of commercial space.8

8. QLIC at 41-42 24th Street will hold 421 units and 8,707 square feet of commercial space.9

9. We’re not sure what this will turn into, but 42-48 27th Street had demolition permits filed back in the fall.10

10. 42-15 Crescent Street is a conversion building that will bring 11 stories with 124 residential units and ground floor retail.11

11. Ivy28, located at 42-37 27th Street came to market back in April, but we haven’t heard much about it since then.12 From what we can see, no one is living there yet, so perhaps ModernSpace is waiting until the spring to kick sales into high gear. The boutique 28-unit building has apartments in the $500-600K range, and also has a ground floor retail space that is currently vacant.

12. 24-12 42nd Road used to be home to an eyesore of a junk yard, but it was demolished in the middle of the year. The developers filed an application for an eight story build that contains 29,403 of residential space and 4,328 of commercial space.13


13. 42-77 Hunter Street 11,845-square-feet of residential space (14 units) and 654-square-feet of commercial space.14 It topped out earlier in the year and some units went to market, but like with Ivy28, ModernSpaces is likely to wait until spring to amp up sales efforts.

14. Tishman Speyer began demolition across the street from where the ’14’ is located. The plans are to build three residential towers on the site, a total of 1.2 million square feet of new development holding 1,600 rental apartments and 30,000 square feet of ground floor retail space.15

15. The LIC Clocktower located at 29‑27 Queens Plaza North was sold to a developer earlier in the year, and locals have sought to try to get the space landmarked.16

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  1. Great job laying it all out! Thank you for the clarification and for all the updates in Court Square over the past year.

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