PickUpLater signage appears at future Food Cellar location

It’s been a big year for local Court Square resident Kodjo Hounnaké, whose recent startup ‘PickUpLater‘ has been making waves in Long Island City. With the Food Cellar set to open at LINC LIC sometime later this year, PickUpLater now has signage up at 43-10 Crescent Street. Here’s an except from our interview with Hounnaké last month:1

PickUpLater is an online grocery delivery startup that allows you to have your groceries delivered to your door within 2 hours once you place an order via www.pickuplater.com. We also have a pickup option at the grocery store. Once you place an order through the website, we assign a personal grocery shopper to your purchase. As the name indicates, the personal shopper shops for your groceries and delivers them to you in the time frame you choose, or has your order ready for you to pick up at the store. We’ve currently partnered with Foodcellar & Co, the natural and organic grocer here in Long Island City, and will be adding more stores to our platform in the future.


PickUpLater is now advertised at Food Cellar


Kodjo Hounnaké pictured with the signage

Legumes in bowls and vegetables

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