26-20 Jackson Avenue gets signage

When we last checked in on 26-20 Jackson Avenue, construction crews had mostly completed the building, save for windows on the ground floor.1 Those windows are still outstanding, but ModernSpaces is moving forward with the project. Last week, we saw signage on the building advertising 2 and 3 bedroom rentals. The ground floor space had a separate sign, as seen in the photos below.

According to the filings with the Department of Buildings, there will be nine residential units (9,130 square feet) and one commercial space (1,692 square feet) in the building.2 The original delivery date was Summer, 2014.

26-20 Jacskon Avenue

A view of 26-20 Jacskon Avenue

26-20 Jacskon Avenue

Signage came up for the building last week

26-20 Jacskon Avenue

The ground floor retail space is also available

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