A look at the Key Food expansion at 44-61 21st Street

Back in January, we were by Key Food at 44-61 21st Street to check in on renovations there as the store took over for the old Kitchen Door space.1 Things have moved along quickly since then, and as you can see in the photos below, construction is basically complete.

First off, the aisles are significantly wider, so gone are the days where you had to move single file to get your groceries. The second part we noticed was a nice new produce section and the relocation of the deli to where the old Kitchen Door space was. The cash registers have also been moved back against the wall, as seen in the third photo. Overall, it’s a welcome change for a grocery that is trying to keep pace with the incoming Food Cellar by LIC Linc.

44-61 21st Street

Key Foods has completed expansion

44-61 21st Street

Another look at the expansion space

44-61 21st Street

A photo of the new cash register areas

3 thoughts on “A look at the Key Food expansion at 44-61 21st Street

  1. Ah the mythical FoodCellar… I wont hold my breath. They’ve been talking about that place for over three years and they aren’t even remotely close to opening. If I lived in the LINC I’d be livid what I was sold.

    • I live above it and can confirm that they’ve been working on it 5-6 days a week for the last month or two. The incessant drilling in the morning attests to that. And sometimes I can peek inside when workers are exiting and entering. It’s coming along. My guess is April.

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