Food Cellar says that it is aiming for late-March or early-April opening

Thanks to our dear friend, and loyal TCSB reader Amadeo Plaza, who gave us a heads up about news at the Food Cellar at Linc LIC.1 Mr. Plaza let us know that construction has been moving quickly in the commercial space, and last week, the Food Cellar tweeted out they are aiming for a late March/early April opening, as seen below.

When it finally delivers, the Food Cellar will span 14,000 sq ft. in the commercial space of LINC LIC, and will have a “food bar and outdoor seating,” and “will sell items from LIC Flea & Food vendors and locally brewed beer.”2


Construciton is still taking place at Food Cellar

9 thoughts on “Food Cellar says that it is aiming for late-March or early-April opening

  1. Its been “aiming” for a launch for about three years. Will believe it when I see it. Glad Key Food is upping their game in the meantime.

  2. I live above it, and can confidently tell you that it’s on its way. I hear the construction every day starting at about 7am. It’s been going on for months and I ocassionally catch a glimpse inside on the way to work in the morning. It’s definitely coming along. My estimate is an April opening. March is a long shot.

  3. I’ve been told it is opening in the next few months for over a year. I’m really excited to have a grocery store, but an April opening is hard for me to believe at this point.

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