Signage up for Amerigo at 44-64 21st Street

It’s been nearly a year since we first saw activity at 44-64 21st Street, the former site of Astoria Florist.1 The Department of Buildings issued a permit to renovate the retail space on the ground floor, which included the basement. When we walked by last week, we saw that signage is up for the future eatery, which will be called “Amerigo.” Previously, we’ve seen open display refrigerators inside the store.2

No word on when the place will open.

44-64 21st Street

44-64 21st Street will be named “Amerigo”

3 thoughts on “Signage up for Amerigo at 44-64 21st Street

  1. I was recently talking to a nearby store owner about it. I asked what it was going to be – he said “a deli”. I said “does this area really need another deli?” He responded, “yeah, but this one will be overpriced.” (Hope he wrong on both counts.)

  2. Another deli? Seriously? There are still three on that block, and two closed in the last year….

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