Evolution Action Movie Program coming to Court Square in April


NEW YORK — From April 20th till April, 26th, the Evolution Action Movie Program (EAM) is coming to New York to offer training for actors and directors looking to advance their skills in onscreen action performing. The seminar will involve camera work, filming real scenes, Chroma Key work, biomechanical work and building a group story, all with the Keysi Fighting Method (KFM). The Spanish fighting style, KFM was discovered in Hollywood over ten years ago as the ideal self-defense method for action films. Popularized in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, KFM is a street-fighting martial art used in films for fighting choreography. Through the Keysi Fighting style, the Evolution Action Movie Program was formed. EAM has become an internationally recognized seminar that has been taught in several schools including Susan Batson Studio (New York), National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts (Georgetown – Washington DC), Royal School of Dramatic Arts RESAD (Madrid – Spain), Teatro Replika (Madrid – Spain), and Faculdade CCAA-AICTV International Academy of Cinema (Rio de Janeiro – Brazil).


More than ten years ago Hollywood discovered in the Spanish self-defense method KFM a fundamental tool for its protagonist actors to enact hand to hand action and their development in action scenes. Great films such as Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Mission Impossible 3, Quantum of Solace, Clash of The Titans, Jack Reacher, etc. trusted the KFM method to shape their actors and recreate the best actions scenes ever enacted.

This experience acquired in Hollywood actions films has allowed Justo Dieguez (creator of the method KFM) and Marcos Moreno (Film Maker) years later to put in place the development program Keysi Movie Action, that complements recording of real action/fiction scenes which has now become the international development program “EVOLUTION Action Movie Program” (EAMP).

EAMP is a registered trademark of Tharsis Films Entertainment Inc. (USA) and delivered by Marcos Moreno, Ivan Natchez and international instructors of KFM/KEYBULL. The EAMP is hosted by Tharsis Films Entertainment, an international audiovisual production company founded by Marcos Moreno and Yraya Pardo in 2010, and produced by Big Eyes Entertainment, an international production company, based in New York, founded by Jenny Bousquet and Andrea Gajardo. The EAMP counts with collaborations of Angela Meryl and Javier Carvajal. You could be part of an Action Movie! Inviting actors and directors to absorb realistic fighting techniques following narrative and visual instruction; EAMP is a unique outlet, offering both theoretical and practical courses. The seminar will be 40 hours long, divided with five hours of theory classes, 15 hours of practice and 10 hours of actual filming with a short film with all the participants as result. Street Game (Seminar New York 2014)

    The first 15 registered will get USD$100 off
  • The location is 21-38 44th Rd.
  • Long Island City, New York, 11101.
  • Contact: jenny@BigEyesProducers.com
  • (347) 870-3617
  • www.BigEyesProducers.com/Evolution

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