An exclusive look inside the Court Square Food Cellar

Big credit to Amadeo Plaza, who provided The Court Square Blog with pictures of construction taking place inside The Food Cellar at 43-10 Crescent Street. Back in February, Food Cellar tweeted that it was aiming for a late March or early April opening.1 Obviously, now that we’re in mid-May, we know that deadline has come and passed.

Once late April arrived, Food Cellar sent out another round of responses, saying that it was aiming for a late spring opening. One of these tweets is below:

Here are the photos that Mr. Plaza sent to us. We’ll let you be the judge of whether a late spring opening (technically they have until June 20 before spring formally ends) is a possibility.

Photo May 08, 5 27 26 PM

Photo May 08, 5 27 32 PM

Photo May 08, 5 29 01 PM

Photo May 08, 5 29 09 PM

Photo May 08, 5 29 11 PM

Photo May 08, 5 29 13 PM

Photo May 08, 5 29 17 PM

2 thoughts on “An exclusive look inside the Court Square Food Cellar

  1. I’m giving up on a June opening. No earlier than July at this point. But you might be right about September. It’s unacceptable that they even had the right to say “coming soon” for the last nearly two years. It’s as if they only ever have a small handful of people working on it at a time.

  2. Spoke to the owner outside the store last week – he said latest it would be open is late June. I’m holding my breath of course – the place is nowhere near ready and I’ve said this multiple times on this site. They were moving heavy shelves and fridges inside though the day I walked by, so benefit of the doubt for now.

    They really shot themselves in the foot though – considering how expensive they already are, the delays also just allowed Key Food on 21st St to get its act together, and that place is so much better than it used to be. I’m not going to rush to switch anymore just because FoodCellar is opening.

    I really feel bad for the residents of LINC who are massively over paying to live there, and part of the deal was a promise to have the Food Cellar, which was already being talked about 3 years ago.

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