A Dunkin’ Donuts is slated for 23-04 Jackson Avenue

In November, The Court Square Blog reported that a Dunkin’ Donuts opened up a location at 44-80 21st Street.1 Six months later, a second shop in the Court Square area is coming, but this time, it will be on 23-04 Jackson Avenue. We spotted construction earlier in the week at the former site of a temporary employment agency, and, as you can see in the photos below, the store is well along the way.

Construction permits were filed with the Department of Buildings on March 18 and were approved on April 2.2 We’ll check back in when the store opens, which should be soon.

23-04 Jackson Avenue

The storefront of 23-04 Jackson Avenue

23-04 Jackson Avenue

A quick look inside 23-04 Jackson Avenue

5 thoughts on “A Dunkin’ Donuts is slated for 23-04 Jackson Avenue

    • I wouldn’t actually say there’s that many good coffee spots. At least not a lot of cafes. Caffeina and LIC Market I suppose. Not that DD is much of one…

  1. Exactly, DD is not a cafe. Would have been nice to have something like that but it seems these days only chains like DD can afford the rents.

    • Sad but true. The rents are based on the future state of the neighborhood. Not the current state. A friend of mine wants to open an Italian sandwich shop in Court Square, but can’t swing the inflated rents.

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