Scaffolding coming up at Rockrose retail spaces on Jackson Avenue

Scaffolding is coming up at 26-09 Jackson Avenue and 26-11 Jackson Avenue, currently two retail spaces owned by Rockrose.1 The company currently has both listed on the market,2 but a source with knowledge of the situation told The Court Sqaure Blog that Rockrose is no longer entertaining offers for the spaces because of construction next door at 43-25 Hunter Street.

The source also said the scaffolding will likely cover both buildings during the duration of construction at Hunter, so the spaces will remain vacant until 43-25 Hunter Street finishes, which will be some time in 2017. Currently, both spaces are being used as office and storage space for contractors working on the 43-25 Hunter Street project.

Rockrose retail spaces

Scaffolding is coming up at the Rockrose retail spaces

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