Q&A with Frank Zummo, owner of Etto Espresso Bar at 42-77 Hunter Street

The Court Square Blog recently reported that a coffee shop is coming to the retail space of 42-77 Hunter Street.1 Owner Frank Zummo was kind enough to chat with us about his plans for Etto Espresso Bar, which is aiming for a fall 2015 opening. Here’s our conversation with him:

The Court Square Blog: Where does the name ‘Etto’ come from?

Frank Zummo: “Etto” means small. The word comes from my mother’s town in Borgetto, Sicily. I got it from there. The Borgetto itself means small tower. I think it’s simple and short. We’ve had this idea for a few years now, just thinking of what can be cool and original.

TCSB: Tell us more about what you want Etto to be.

FZ: I want to bring our own innovations to the coffee industry. I just want to be a real coffee house. Not just some typical cafe putting out some generic type of coffee. My coffee is going to come from Glens Falls, which is about 10 minutes out from Lake George. We’re really excited about a couple of new coffees that no one’s really doing in the area. We’re just going to be putting out an amazing product.

TCSB: Is it just coffee, or will you have food?

FZ: We’re going to have food. We’re going to do some breakfast items like croissants and scones. We’ll have some vegan options, too. I want to be as organic as we can be. Not every single item is going to be organic, but I don’t like artificial flavoring or preservatives. We want to go the natural and organic way.

TCSB: Why did you pick the Court Square area?

FZ: I’ve always loved the area. We were just looking around and this seemed pretty perfect. There’s nothing really like what we’re going to do in the area. I just saw the space and I loved it. I instantly said, ‘This is going to be it,’ and we pulled the trigger on it.

TCSB: When can we expect to see Etto open?

FZ: We literally plan on starting construction next week. We’re finalizing the design now. It’s a small space but we want to make the most of it and we want to make it cool. The whole urban thing is out. But we don’t want to make it too polished or fancy, either. We want somewhere in the middle. We’re hoping to open mid-August or September.

42-77 Hunter Street

The cafe will be in the retail space of 42-77 Hunter Street

4 thoughts on “Q&A with Frank Zummo, owner of Etto Espresso Bar at 42-77 Hunter Street

  1. hope it does well.

    you won’t see the most foot traffic here, but the area is coming along.

    i’ve never heard someone say they love the court square area, so you must really be committed.

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